Take it easy

I’ve been a little off-kilter, trying to get back into the real world after my illness. I’m late this week with a blog – something that’s been weighing on me as I rally to get enough extra energy to do what I love on top of what I have to do (day job!). I’ve had a few ideas about what I’d like to share, but they’re kinda big topics, so I’m saving them for when I’m tip-top again. And as I contemplated what I would do about missing this week’s deadline – do I just skip a week? Should I post something late with apologies? What do I have to say? – I realized the most obvious thing to discuss is being easy with yourself.

Of course, if you have people depending on you, you should make every effort to fulfill your obligations. Sometimes, you don’t make it. Because you’re human. Because things happen. Because you have a lesson to learn. I learned through this illness that although I had some content queued up and waiting for their distribution date, I wasn’t creating anything while I was sick. Unfortunately, I ran out of content before I got better. So now I know I need to prepare even further in advance, just in case something happens that takes me out of the game. I also learned that it’s not the end of the world.

When you need to take a break, you need to take a break. If you have to focus on your health or any other emergent circumstance, you deserve to be gentle with yourself. You will automatically prioritize, sometimes unconsciously, and things will line up in the order you need to handle them. There’s no sense in kicking yourself later for not focusing on something you wish you had, in hindsight, when you’re more relaxed, when you aren’t in crisis mode. That’s just unnecessary.

So this week, I want to remind you, especially in the season of pressure and stresses, be easier with yourself. Will the world end if you don’t do that one task or complete this one project? No. Maybe you’ll really have to hustle later, but maybe there’s a bigger lesson in that. Maybe the adversities you are facing are queuing you up for something greater. And when you really look back, you’ll see that it was all meant to be.

How do you remind yourself that it’s ok to be easy once in a while? When do you have the most difficulty with that? Please share your thoughts and experiences with me!

With much love, light, and gratitude,