I am deeply honored to provide the following Reiki services for you.

COMING SOON! - Full Body Reiki Session

This full body energy healing lasts about an hour. You remain fully clothed during the session.

Excellent for relaxation, refreshment, and stress reduction.


Distance Reiki Session

In these sessions, you are in your home, and I am in mine. This is a full energy healing treatment and takes 30 minutes. It is best if you are not doing other activities during your session. Take this half hour to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. You will be asked to send me a selfie, which is necessary for the session. I respect your privacy, and photos will be deleted and destroyed after use. I will text you when I am ready to begin, and again when our session is complete.


Level One Attunement

Learn the origins of Usui Reiki, the fundamentals of utilizing Reiki energy for the highest good of all involved, and hand positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others. Classes can be individual or group.


Level Two Attunement

Take your Reiki practice deeper with Level Two. Learn the first three sacred symbols, their purpose, and proper use. Healing across time and space are also included in this level.


Level Three Attunement

For those who do not wish to pursue Reiki Master Teacher Training, you can still be attuned to the master symbol for your own practice.


Master Teacher Training

Become a Reiki Master Teacher with this apprenticeship.


Next Steps...

Reiki sessions can be purchased and scheduled online using the button below.

Since it is my desire to be a life-long mentor and cheerleader for each student I am honored to teach, attunements are only available in person in Phoenix, Arizona.

Please email me to set up a class or one-on-one training. Or, schedule a free Attunement Consultation.