Self healing meditation

You know that feeling when you’re sick and you are so uncomfortable in your body that you feel like you can’t stand it anymore? I don’t get sick often, but when I do, I always hit a point of major frustration when I just want to reset my body back to normal. I imagine whether I really need my neck, which holds the sorest throat I’ve ever had, or the back that aches. I’ve found those moments for me are usually at the pinnacle of the illness, and once I get there, it’s all downhill and I’m quickly on the mend. If only I had a way to speed up the process.

Recently, my partner returned from a concert in Colorado, only to have brought back with him the most miserable cold he’s ever had. He even missed a week of work because of it. Since I tend to be healthy, and we have no history of sharing illnesses over the past 7 years, I was cautious but not overly careful about my contact with him. Throw in a dash of stress early this week and bam! I got it too. I should say my pains started when I woke up one morning with a twisted pelvis. I don’t know what I did, but I could tell it was twisted and I debated for a day whether to go to the chiropractor or get a massage. Finally, I went to the chiropractor and got that straightened out. It was that evening, with still sore hips from my adjustment, that my back started feeling very tired and tight. I thought I was really feeling the soreness of the adjustment, but I ended up leaving work early and discovering I had a temperature of 100. This was not just back pain. Within a couple of hours, I went from some aches to full body pain.

I took a bath with 4 pounds of lavender Epsom salts and loafed around the house. I was too sore to even fall asleep. After tossing, turning, getting up and down from the couch, to and from the bed, I took another bath, this time sans Epsom. It was in that bath that I laid there, hip screaming from the adjustment, every other muscle screaming from the fever, that I felt inspired to do a meditation I’ve never done or heard of before. I just wanted relief from all the aches and pains, and I just wanted to leave my body to escape. I imagined my inner self-tethered to my physical body, but floating above. (I double checked the strength of the thick tether, since it wasn’t my intention to leave forever.) I looked down at my achy body and imagined pressure washing the inside. All the toxins, the muscles, the bones – really cleaning everything out. I paid attention to my throat and lymph nodes, as well as my pelvis and spine. I blew out everything that was getting in the way of feeling normal. While I imagined all of this, I felt tremendous relief. I didn’t feel the pain or achiness that had been plaguing me all night. Once I felt like everything was sufficiently pressure-blasted, I used the tether to pull myself back into my body. I felt a little better.

I got out of the shower and into bed. I was finally able to sleep. When I woke up, I still felt sore but was much, much better. My hip was still sore from having been twisted, then adjusted, but I mostly noticed that pain only when sitting in certain positions. I couldn’t believe that in just 12 hours I went from feeling absolutely terrible to almost myself again. I was especially surprised since my partner struggled with his illness for a week, a fate I was certain I would face. But no, I bounced right back. Other than the meditation I did in the bath, we both handled our illnesses the same. We both took Airborne, we both rested, we both stayed home from work.

I use Reiki regularly, both on myself and on clients. When you do daily energy work, either receiving it or practicing it, things will move a lot faster for you. I do attribute my quick recovery at least in part to the Reiki I use daily. However, this meditation that seemed to be divinely inspired must have had some impact. I felt some level of relief immediately after. It was fast and simple. I invite you to try this meditation the next time you are feeling pain or imbalance in your physical body.

  1. Lay comfortably and ground yourself.
  2. Imagine a tether between your inner self and your physical body. This will keep you attached to your body and you can follow it back when you’re done.
  3. Imagine your inner-self floating above your physical body. Survey your physical body for pain or weakness.
  4. Imagine your inner-self has a hose from a pressure washer. Use this to blast any pains, knots, heavy energy, blockages out of your physical body.
  5. If you choose, spray your physical body with beautiful white or gold light.
  6. When you feel you have sufficiently cleaned out your physical body, return to it.


I hope this quick, easy meditation will help you the next time you’re feeling illness or pain. Let me know how it helps you!

With much love, light, and gratitude,