Rolling with the punches

In January, I had a lead on a space that was available for me to offer Reiki in person. Unfortunately, that space, as well as another space I was considering, fell through. It changed my plans, but I think for the best. The locations just weren’t right and you know timing and energy are everything!

Out of that, though, I’ve decided to spark up my Energy Reading services again. I’ve loved doing readings in the past, and have just gotten out of it with all the transition over the past several years. But a friend has been referring her friends to me and it reminded me how much fun and what a service it is for people! Looking at energies, scanning the chakras, identifying blocks and moving them out of the way is so inspiring and exciting! Some people want to know why there’s so much friction at work, or if the guy they like has good intentions, or if there’s something blocking them from taking their success to the next level. Energy affects everything, and it is so helpful when we’re feeling stuck or facing a decision to look at the options from that point of view. It’s a very personal journey that I am honored to participate in.

Despite my planning earlier this year, I am grateful for the hiccups, as they have led me here. A space will come to me when it’s the right time, I have no doubt. And I will let you know as soon as it does! In the meantime, I hope you find comfort in my Distance Reiki and Energy Reading services.

With much love, light, and gratitude,