Just jump already

I really enjoy JP Sears and his humor. It reminds me to not be so serious and dogmatic, and to laugh at life. We don’t have to be super serious, easily offended delicate flowers. By the very nature of enlightenment, everything should be amusing. I can’t say I’m amused by everything, but one phrase that keeps popping into my awareness lately is “limiting belief.” I laugh every time I hear it. Not because it’s funny to have limiting beliefs and never fulfill your potential, but because we all have them and we can all relate to them. And we can all blame them.


I recently received word that an acquaintance of mine intends to sign up for Reiki attunements with me. I’m really excited because I like her very much and I can’t wait to be her mentor and champion. She’s excited because she likes me and wants me to be her mentor. It’s a win-win. When I originally extended the offer to teach, I was very clear that I don’t want cost to get in the way of anyone receiving an attunement they desperately want. Still, this subject came up as an obstacle for her. I reiterated my feelings on the matter, and she took some time to process that. She decided that she would begin class next month when she could pay me for the class.

Unfortunately, this woman was told years ago that she wasn’t “ready” for Reiki training. It still hurts my heart when I think about that. What a load of crap. But this was a heavy blow for her, and she is still untangling herself from the consequences of believing that person. She’s holding herself back a little, trying to make absolutely sure that she is really ready for this. Being on the other side of the process, I think it’s silly and she should just jump already. But everyone comes to things in their own time.

It’s so easy when you’re on the other side of a situation to observe the silliness and hesitation and holding back. You know that when those people you’re watching decide to finally take the plunge, they will be relieved, and it will not be nearly as bad as they’re making it out to be in their mind. Their doubts and procrastinations are the manifestations of their limiting beliefs. It’s a bunch of nonsense that is keeping you from doing what you really want to do, and very likely what you’re meant to do.

We all have them. Sometimes it isn’t easy at all to get yourself out from under them. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have them! Ultimately, it is a symptom of not trusting. Those who jump know that they are going to be ok, no matter what the outcome. They may not get what they think they want, but they realize they’re getting something even better. They listen to the little voice inside them that sometimes whispers and sometimes screams so loudly it’s deafening. They follow direction from their higher self, inner child, guardian angels, guides – whatever they believe is helping them navigate from a place of knowingness.

I watched a speaker on YouTube recently who said whenever he gets an idea, he acts on it immediately. He’s a seemingly rich, seemingly successful guy. This, he proclaims, is one of the tools he uses to maintain his lifestyle. I have to admit, sometimes I get an idea that I’d really like to live in a multi-million dollar home in Sedona. And while I acknowledge that it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility, I’m not going to bet the farm on it. But I do think that if you take the grandiose out of the sentiment, it makes good sense. If you have an idea or an urging that isn’t leaving you alone, you owe it to yourself to look into it. Or, if you hear a voice that’s loudly and clearly telling you to do something, you probably should look into it. Do a little digging. Pay attention. Are people coming into your experience who know about the subject you’re called to? Is a teacher presenting themselves to you, without you even knowing you wanted one? Things happen for a reason, my friends. And when you start to notice the serendipity, please – I beg you – just jump already!

With much love, light, and gratitude,