How to use Reiki to get what you want (as long as it’s in your highest good)

Most people think of Reiki as a physically or emotionally healing tool. If you have pain, or if you’re stressed or depressed, Reiki can give you the shift you need to get back to feeling like yourself again. But Reiki can be used for anything. You are only limited by your imagination and lack of application. Since I was first attuned level one, I have believed that every single person should be at least a level one practitioner. At this level, you are open to receiving Reiki energy for yourself and others, and you can apply it to anything you wish in your life.

How many of you have made vision boards, or sat visualizing what you want? You use your best manifestation techniques to beat the drum of desire, specific to what you’re currently fixated upon. While effective, this is a tricky procedure, which can be easily derailed by our ego, obsessing about getting exactly what you want exactly how you want it. Now, how many of you have manifested your desire, only to find out that what you wanted isn’t really what you want at all? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this!

My partner and I are currently in the process of trying to buy a house. We have walked through the house several times. We made an offer that was rejected in favor of another offer. It was a strange time, waiting for that other offer to fall through, which I knew in my heart it would. So here we are, waiting to hear back on our second offer on this house. Now – I should tell you, I absolutely love this house. I already have paint colors picked out, I already know what flooring I’ll put in, I already know what appliances I’ll get. I mean, this house in its spruced up completion is a complete vision in my mind that I can’t shake. It feels like it’s my house. However, I know that there are many obstacles when one buys a house, and at any point, even if our offer is accepted, the deal could fall through.

I could fixate on this house, and I believe I could will it in to our lives as our home. But a Reiki practitioner is wise, and knows that we always must focus on the highest good of all. My ego loves that house and covets it. My Reiki wants what’s in my highest good. Since I don’t have the power or privilege of knowing all things, I have to release this desire to the universe, and ask not just for the house to be mine, but for it to be mine if it is in my highest good.

Several months ago, I found a different house that was pretty incredible. As soon as I saw pictures, I could visualize us in the home. I knew where I would do Reiki sessions and attunements, I knew what each room would look like. I had a solid picture in my head, and I loved that house. I held the realty flyer in my hands and Reiki’d that house hard! But I didn’t just ask for the house. I asked that the house come to me if it’s in my highest good. It sat on the market, and my partner had reservations. I continued to Reiki and stay positive. Finally, my answer came – the house sold to someone else. While I was disappointed, I now realize the mortgage would’ve been a bear to keep up on and we couldn’t retire for 30 years if we had purchased that home. I got what was in my highest good, so Reiki did its job!

It is important to frame your desires as requests, with an openness to something better. I don’t want to be stuck in a job or a house or a situation that isn’t joyful or helping me grow. So even though I have an idea in my head of what I want, the details must be released to whatever will serve me best. This, in turn, serves the world best. Even if you really, really want something badly and you just know your life would be complete if you had it, you should retain a little humility and acceptance that you can’t possibly know everything to know for certain what’s best.

Here are the steps I recommend for calling Reiki to help fulfill your highest good:

Write down your desire with open conviction. For instance, “If it is in my highest good, please, Universe, help me get promoted at work.” In this example, I want my promotion, that’s clear, but I also acknowledge that it might not be in my best interest, so I want it only if it will serve me best.

Draw symbols around the desire statement. I use the basic four I learned through my attunements. You can use any symbols you like that feel relevant to your desire.

Fold the paper and hold it between your palms. Call forth Reiki energy and flood it into your desire. Recite your desire, as well as the names of the symbols you’re using.

If you are a level two practitioner or higher, you can send Reiki into the future situation. For example, in using Reiki for this house, I am sending Reiki to the house to help clear any unwanted energy, as well as into the future, to help the entire process and renovation. I also send Reiki to the home to help fix issues that I may not know about at this time. I don’t have to know what the inspector will find – Reiki already knows, so I can send energy to the house to help fix any unknown issues without muddying up my manifestation with doubts or negativity. I don’t want to spend time imagining what could go wrong, so I just send Reiki and avoid attracting something unwanted.

Accept the outcome. This can be the hardest part. It’s fun to manifest things, to call forth your desires into reality. But what does reality look like when you get there? I could have been really upset about not getting that other house. I could have chosen to sink into denial and regret about not acting sooner, or not pressuring my partner more. Instead, I realize that the Universe, it its wisdom, saved me from many negative and stressful situations that would have come along with getting that particular house. I asked for it if it was in my highest good, and the answer was no. I trust in that no, because I can see now that it saved me from financial servitude. Plus, I never would have found the one I’m after now if I was already living somewhere else. I think you’ll find a huge sense of peace if you shift your manifestation practice away from, “I want what I want and I want in now – no matter what!” to “I want this, if it’s in my highest good.”

Reflect with gratitude. If you understand that getting the answer no is actually taking care of you, it’s easy to move away from anger or disappointment and into gratitude. I believe that it is the gratitude you feel for dodging a bullet, so to speak, that sets you up beautifully for what is coming for you. And that’s really all you were asking for in the first place, right? Don’t make the mistake of pushing away a better experience because you’re mad you didn’t get the one you wanted. Be thankful you had an opening for greatness to find you!

How are you using Reiki to get what you want? Do you have any different tactics you use that work like a charm? As always, I’d love to hear from you!

With much love, light, and gratitude,