Distance Reiki skeptic?

Do you read all the things I have to say about distance Reiki and think, “Yeah, right!” Have you visited my website or Facebook page, intrigued by the idea of long-distance stress management, relaxation, and pain management, but just can’t believe it’s for real? Believe me – I felt the exact same way you do! When I first learned about distance Reiki, I didn’t have the proper attunements to play around with distance treatments, and I really didn’t think it could work. But I can tell you I’ve done many, many sessions and it does work!

Even when I was first attuned level two and had the ability to send Reiki across distances, it seemed a little hokey to me. How on earth does it even work? How would I know if the person I’m sending Reiki to was getting any benefit? Well, after all these years, I still can’t tell you how it works. It’s energy, and I don’t know if our brains will ever be able to fully grasp how energy healing works. I really struggled with how I would know that my clients were receiving benefit from distance sessions. I want to provide value. I really care about people who come forward and reach out, asking for Reiki, and it is my duty as a Reiki Master to serve them well. The way I reconciled this was to embrace two concepts. First, I am not supposed to be attached to the outcome of any Reiki session – whether in person or at a distance. When practitioners are being taught Reiki, one of the lessons is to set our ego aside for the highest good of all. Being attached to a particular outcome is completely egocentric. It isn’t me healing you. It is Reiki. The energy will go where it is allowed and where it is most needed. Sometimes we get healing in areas we didn’t realize we needed. That’s the beauty and the intelligence of energy healing. Second, I had faith that people would feel good and share their results with me. I always hope that people will give me feedback after every session I do. Usually, they do, sometimes they share stories, sometimes they simply share that they had a great day. One session in particular really blew me away. It was when I received her feedback that I realized I didn’t fully believe it was working until I heard what she had to say. Now, I have no doubt in my mind.

This client reached out to me on Facebook and was in a huge life transition – changing jobs. She had left her job and was in the process of finding a new job when our paths crossed. She said she needed her chakras aligned, and welcomed the opportunity to try Reiki. She didn’t know what Reiki was and had never received it in person or at a distance. It was so cute when I explained I would be doing the session from my home and she would be in her home. She asked me, “You can do that?!” Yes, yes I can. We set up our appointment, she sent me her selfie, and the session began. It was a pretty powerful session on my end, I felt a lot of energy in my palms as I progressed through our session. When I finished, I texted her to let her know. She wrote back to me, excited and blown away. She felt great and explained to me what she felt throughout the 30-minute session. As much as I love and believe in Reiki, it still astonished my human brain to read her account of feeling each hand position, in the order I did them. This client didn’t even know what Reiki was, but she could tell me about the session as though we had been in the same room and she actually felt my hands on her.

It was this experience that really transformed my belief in distance sessions. Since that time, I have done many other distance sessions. While they may not be as significantly transformative as the example I gave, I am delighted when my clients report to me that the Reiki they received made a difference in their day and in their lives. Even my partner – a rough, tough biker dude – feels relief when I send him Reiki while we’re apart. Reiki energy can help you relax, manage stress, relieve pain. It can truly enrich your life. I encourage you to try a distance Reiki session. You’ll be so glad you did!

I want to hear from you! Have you received distance energy healing? What was it like for you? Please share in the comments below.

With much love, light, and gratitude,