5 benefits of Reiki

Energy healing can be a difficult thing for our human brains to grasp. You can’t see it, sometimes you don’t immediately feel it, it isn’t something you can hold in your hands, smell, or taste. But everything is energy, and healing the energy that flows through and around you can truly transform your life. Here are five benefits of Reiki healing:


This is the biggest, easiest benefit to identify. No matter what’s going on, or what you came to Reiki for, you will likely feel extremely relaxed at the end of your session. As your Reiki practitioner moves through the hand positions – either in person or from a distance – you will feel your body relax into the comfort of healing energy. I almost always hear this feedback from my clients.


When you are relaxed in your body, you are centered. This is the balanced feeling people often report. Being centered really helps you navigate all the external forces you encounter throughout your day. It helps you stay in the present, and not get too hung up on past or future events that you can no longer impact.


Being relaxed and centered, you are in the prime spot for good focus. I find that after self-treatment sessions, I am able to concentrate much longer on tasks, and can ignore distractions much more easily.

Pain Relief

The first uses of Reiki healing were to relieve pain. Dr. Usui soothed his injured toe as he stumbled down the mountain after discovering Reiki energy. He relieved the tooth pain of a merchant’s daughter, as well as the arthritis of his friend, the abbot. While I am unable to make any promises about the pain relieving benefits of Reiki, I have experienced it myself, many times. Whenever I have a client who is in any amount of pain, they often find it is lessened when they receive an energy healing. By relaxing and centering, the body is free to focus on correcting any imbalances that might be causing discomfort.

Better mood

Once your muscles relax, your aches subside, and you’re centered in your body, your mood improves! Simply by taking the time to take care of yourself, your brain gets the message that everything is ok, and responds by giving you a lift. I can’t guarantee you’ll be smiling more, but I think you’ll find that life feels a lot lighter after a Reiki session.


These are five fantastic reasons to try Reiki. Couldn’t you use a lot more good stuff in your life? Give Reiki a try – schedule a distance session right now!

How have you benefitted from Reiki? If you haven’t yet experienced Reiki, which benefits are you most looking forward to receiving? As always I love to connect with you and hear what you have to say! Leave me a comment below.

With much love, light, and gratitude,